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exterior lighting


Pole lighting is another product that traditionally uses a lot of energy. At New Hampshire LED we specialize in parking lot retrofit & replacement using RAB LED fixtures & HiLumz retrofit products. 

RAB Wall Packs

Attached to the outside of your building, these units burn money all night long. LED wall packs will not only reduce wattage by an average of 70%, but they deliver a more brilliant white light. This enhances the safety of your facility and more importantly your 


RAB Flood Lighting 

If you are looking to protect an outside space or light up a walkway, there are innovative LED solutions for every situation.

All LM ENERGY, RAB, HiLumz & SATCO products NH LED installs are UL or ETL and DLC listed for utility rebates.

led retrofit tubes

LM ENERGY Magnetic 

A revolutionary way to retrofit your facility. These powerful lights from LM ENERGY(LME) will magnetize directly into your existing fixtures. Very little wiring makes for quick and easy installation. The most flexible tube on the market.

All LME Products NH LED installs are ETL & DLC listed for utility rebates.

Direct Fit

Simply remove the fluorescent bulb, slide in the LED tube and you're done! No electrician, no wiring. The easiest of all retrofits.

Ballast Bypass 

The name says it all. Bypass the ballast, wire the power to the tombstones and slide in the LED tubes. Often provides higher lumen output and saves additional wattage the ballast would normally draw.


Start as a Direct Fit and when the ballast goes bad, re-wire to become a bypass. Small upfront investment, great long term solution.  

​​Warehouse lighting

HILUMZ retrofit kits 

Don't want to replace your fixtures? HiLumz High bay retrofit kits allow you to replace the "guts" of your dome shaped fixtures with high intensity LED lights. Unlike those old metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs, you can customize brightness and beam angle. With an incredibly long lifespan and low wattage these will save you money for decades to come.

RAB Linear High Bays 

RAB LED Products. Long lasting LED fixtures hang from your warehouse 

ceiling and throw a wide beam of brilliant light while consuming half the wattage of traditional high bays. Often configured with occupancy and/or daylight harvesting sensors, these powerhouses pay for themselves 

incredibly quickly. DLC listed for utility rebates.


SATCO Products. An amazingly easy solution. Many of these bulbs simply screw in to the existing high bay base with absolutely no wiring, while others require a bypass of the existing ballast.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Energy Solutions For Business


  • 30-75% Energy Cost Reduction over existing fluorescent lighting.

  • Average LED Lighting projects pay for themselves in 18-48 months.

  • Retrofits allow you to keep your existing fixtures, which saves time

   and money.

  • No more maintenance—eliminate costly ballast and bulb replacement.

  • LED Lights last a minimum of 50,000 hours. At 50 hours per week,

   that’s almost 20 years.

  • Your project can be completely funded by the reduction of your

   electric bill and potential utility rebates with our Financing Option.

  • Financing: New Hampshire LED offers financing for your project.  

   Your payment can be whatever your monthly savings is on your

   lighting bill, so there is NO MONEY out of pocket.


  • With  25+ years of experience and superior customer service, NH LED will do everything possible to make sure that they get the best LED energy solution from a broad spectrum of products.

  • We love to save people money and help everyone become more eco friendly.

  • Our products will lower your carbon footprint, which is great for the environment and your business.

  • As a master electrician Steve can do the installation if necessary, which is something most representatives cannot do.

  • With the savings that come with an LED retrofit project, we are essentially paying you to upgrade your lighting system.


All you need to do is send us an email or give us a call.  We will come to your facility and do a free energy audit. The audit entails looking at a winter and summer electric bill (rates change twice a year so we want to make sure we get a blended average), asking you some questions about your lighting habits, and then walking the facility. We will count every light you would like to change, determine wattage, examine ballasts and be on our way. Within a week we will present you with a full report that contains lighting options, pricing, payback periods, and ROI information.